August 16, 2021

Booming health supplements market in Malaysia: What’s on trend?

Top 4 Product Categories in High Demand/ 3 Common Types of Market Expansion/

4 Reasons Why You Should Expand Your Product Line

Malaysians are looking for natural or organic health products.

Woman Wearing Mask in Supermarket

Top 4 Product Categories in High Demand:

  • Natural slimming & Fat Burning
  • Detoxification
  • Skin health & hair strengthening
  • Anti-aging

3 common types of product expansion: 

  1. Adding new versions of existing products (eg: new flavor/no sugar version)
  2. Providing upgrades to existing products (eg: new advanced formula)
  3. Adding new product categories to your portfolio

4 Reasons why you should expand your product line:

  1. Boosts Market Share: Increase the tendency of reaching a wider audience and purchasing market
  2.  Increases Customer Loyalty: Offer greater opportunities to engage with your brand
  3.  Minimizes Business Risk:  Helps to maintain traction in the marketplace
  4. Improves Visibility and Credibility: Reach wider audience,build credibility and create top of mind awareness for your brand.

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