Our Founder & Managing Director

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Founder & Managing Director of Harvest Group

Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong

Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong first started as an engineer. He worked hard every day and night when he was in his twenties, with a clear goal of achieving financial freedom and independence – up to a point where he did not sleep, working around the clock every day and merely supporting himself with a 30 minute nap once every few hours. This eventually took its toll and caused him to suffer a collapse which then became a turning point in his life. It made Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong realise the importance of health and became the catalyst to move from the field of engineering into healthcare.

In 2004, Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong founded Harvest Group with a whole hearted commitment to public health, motivated by his passion for human welfare and his love for business. As an expert in healthcare technology, machines and equipment, he successfully incorporated these elements to extract the essence of all-natural health ingredients combining his expertise with those of academicians and research and development teams from local and overseas universities, as well as related business corporations. Understanding the need for detoxification, Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong did his first research on oil palm fiber, creating a huge impact in the market due to the efficacy of the developed ingredient, so much so that the Harvest Group became renowned as “The King of Fiber”. Harvest Group’s nutritional expertise and dedicated research team have continued to deliver more innovative, effective and value-added products to cater to customers’ needs and have successfully introduced over a thousand products to date, in accordance with the fundamental principles of Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong’s leadership which stresses constant improvement and development. “Consistency is the key in striving for excellence”, he said. Constant development and innovation has always been Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong’s approach to life.

Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong did not forget his original intention of contributing to society with meaning and purpose, having been actively involved in community and charity events together with his team from the early years of Harvest Group. On the 16th of April 2016, Dato’ Dr. Chong Kak Loong was honoured with the title of “Dato’ ” by his Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang.

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