Greenlife Harvest Group OEM Health Food Manufacturer Certifications

Greenlife Harvest Group OEM Health Food Manufacturer

Greenlife Harvest Group, a leading OEM health food manufacturer, holds essential certifications like GMP, HACCP, ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2018, HALAL, and MESTI. These certifications ensure high-quality production, food safety, market access, consumer trust, regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage. By adhering to rigorous standards, we guarantee superior product quality and safety, helping our customers build and expand their brands into wider horizons. Our commitment to these certifications sets us apart from competitors, enhances brand credibility, attracts more clients and partners, and ensures legal compliance. Trust Greenlife Harvest Group to support your brand’s growth in diverse markets with our certified excellence.

Award: SME Award

At Harvest Group, we put our customers first. We do not actively set out to win the awards, instead we strived to provide the best quality, value, and overall experience to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers.

We see every award as a positive affirmations that motivate us to push harder to the limits and beyond.

Winner of the SME100 Awards Malaysia in 2019

Winning the SME100 Awards is a significant milestone to us and we look forward to celebrating future successes together.

About SME Award

SME100 Awards is an Annual Recognition programme organised by SME Magazine, naming the fastest moving businesses of the SME sector.

Partnership with UCSI University

Harvest Group is proud to announce our strategic partnership with UCSI University, a prestigious local private university. This collaboration, which officially commenced on 5th November 2019 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marks a significant milestone for both institutions. Together, we aim to drive innovation, enhance educational experiences, and deliver outstanding services.

Key Collaborations and Projects
  • Lab Training Program
  • Webinars and Talks
  • Product Efficacy Testing
  • Joint Events and Workshop
Greenlife Harvest: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
OEM health food manufacturer GMP certified

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are essential to ensure good-quality products are produced following standards covering all aspects of the production process including original materials to equipment and staff’s hygiene involved in the process.

Core Elements of GMP:

1. Design and facilities
2. Control of operation
3. Maintenance, cleaning and sanitation
4. Personal hygiene
5. Transportation and distribution
6. Product information
7. Training
8. Internal inspection
9. Management review
10. Legal requirements

The predominant purpose of implementing GMP in manufacturing is to ensure that the quality requirement of all products is met and consistently maintained to safeguard public health.


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Greenlife Harvest: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
HACCP OEM Health Food Harvest Group

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling food safety hazards. This includes biological, chemical, or physical agents that are reasonable to cause illness or injury in the absence of control. HACCP certification is an official recognition that meets the requirements of food safety and consumer requirements.

HACCP has 7 key principles to follow as guidelines:

Principle 1: Conduct a hazard analysis.

Principle 2: Determine the critical control points (CCPs).

Principle 3: Establish critical limits.

Principle 4: Establish monitoring procedures.

Principle 5: Establish corrective actions.

Principle 6: Establish verification procedures.

Principle 7: Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures.

Harvest Group complies with HACCP System to meet food exporting worldwide requirements. It is made easy to get export certificates such as the Free Sales Certificate, GMO Certificate, and others. It also helps to strengthen and support other quality assurance systems such as ISO and HALAL.

Greenlife Harvest: ISO 9001-2015
ISO9001-2015 OEM Health Food Manufacturer

ISO 9001 is an international quality standard used worldwide to ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services.

Products and services delivered by Harvest Group are of international quality; aligned with different companies from countries all over the world.

ISO 9001:2015 requirements are broadly separated into 11 sections compounded in 7 Key Principles of Quality:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Engagement of people
  4. Process approach
  5. Continual improvement
  6. Evidence-based decision making
  7. Relationship management
Greenlife Harvest: ISO 22000:2018
ISO 22000-2018 OEM Health Food Manufacturer

Harvest Group is in compliance with requirements for food safety management system (FSMS) – ISO 22000-2018.

Food safety should all be concerned about because there are more than 250 foodborne illnesses in the world. Harvest Group is responsible for ensuring all our manufactured products are free of poisons and preventing our consumers from getting food poisoning. Healthy food is equal to a healthy life!

ISO’s food safety management standards help to identify and control food safety hazards. ISO 22000:2018 provides a layer of reassurance within the global food supply chain, allowing products to cross borders and bringing people food that they can trust.

Greenlife Harvest: HALAL
Greenlife Harvest Halal Logo

Halal means “lawful or permitted” in the Arabic word. Harvest Group produces products that comply with stringent Halal standards authorized under the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). Halal-certified products are a recognition that allows Muslims to be consumed them. It is a sign of protection not only for Muslims but also for non-Muslims.

Why do we adhere to HALAL?

  • Halal products are able to export more than 50 countries
  • Assuring social responsibilities and respect to Muslim employees and consumers
  • Assuring the highest quality, safety, and hygiene standards


Why Halal is important?

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How to obtain Halal for your health food product brand?

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