February 2, 2021

Healthy Eating Tips for Chinese New Year

5 tips to enjoy this festive season and keeping your health & weight in control!

Top 10 Places for Chinese New Year Buffets - CNY Goodies

  1. Stay hydrated with water, not sugary drinksCHINESE NEW YEAR MUST DO'S - Juice Works
  • suppress appetite and to curb unnecessary snacking
  • flush out the wastes accumulated from feasting
  • reduce overall liquid calorie intake








  1. Pay attention to your food portionsJanice Wong Presents: Chinese New Year - Nookmag
  • Eat in moderation during main meals
  • Try to limit your snacking to just 1 or 2 pieces per snack








  1. Stay active64,636 Chinese Family Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
  • Take every opportunity to move:
  • Go on a family walk after meal
  • Consider adding a 30 minutes work out session into your holiday traditions








  1. Eat SlowlyChinese New Year food in London: The best menus in the capital's restaurants | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard
  • Try to chew slowly and enjoy your meal
  • Better digestion and avoid overeating









  1. Get Back On Track Healthy Foods Marketing in China (Trends and New research) - Marketing China
  • Plan your meal ahead and go back to healthy eating
  • Load up on whole grains, fruits and vegetables






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