October 21, 2021

The Secret to A Successful Business Concept

3 Major Elements of a Business Concept & How to earn and build customer loyalty?

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  1. Sell to whom?
    Recognizing that not everyone is your customer. Narrow down the scope to
    find your ideal target customer group and offer customers personalized products.
  2. What to sell?
    Problem-solving products: Satisfy the urgent needs and solve the problems of your
    target customers
  3. Unique selling point(USP):
    Use your product advantages to attract more customers

How to earn and build customer loyalty?

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  1. Ensure high-quality products and services: To build trust in a brand
  2. Understand the needs of customers: encourage customer feedback to provide more optimized
  3. Competitive analysis: Fully understand the strength and weaknesses of the brand, and make

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