August 2, 2021

What is GMP And Why Is It So Important In Manufacturing Industry?

The Importance of Good Manufacturing Practices in Food Manufacturing Industry

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Good Manufacturing Practice, or usually called as GMP is a system used to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with quality standards. GMP helps to identifies the essential principles of food hygiene and safety applicable within food processing to ensure all food are manufactured under hygienic environment.

In Malaysia, MS1514:2009 GMP is the specification established by the Food Safety; Quality Division (BKKM) of the Ministry of Health (MoH), aimed at increasing  the level of local food producer standards for the production of healthier foods. GMP certifying bodies investigate if each manufacturing process in a company complies with market requirements.

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A manufacturer or food premises certainly has to fulfill a few requirements in order to be a GMP certified manufacturer, here are some of the conditions:

  •  Must comply with applicable laws and regulations in Malaysia
  •  Needs to be registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia
  •  Fulfill the Key Points of GMP system
    a) Training provided to the employees
    b) Adequate maintenance, cleaning, and sanitation of the equipment used in the company
    c) The cleanliness of premises, equipment, utensils, floors, walls and ceilings
    d) External and internal audits, inspection
    e) Quality assurance and quality control
    f)  Management review and legal requirements

Having a GMP certified Food OEM will incorporate a certain degree of reliability and credibility into your business. By having a GMP certified product will also help your brand to become more competitive in the market, some of the main benefits are as below:

  • Simplified process in obtaining export certificates, eg Free Sales certificates
  • Strengthen and support other quality assurance systems such as ISO, HACCP and HALAL
  • Added value to your brands in the global food market
  • Increase credibility on your brands by displaying the GMP Logo on box packaging
  • Product brands will be always in compliance under GMP regulations at both domestic and overseas

Harvest Group has been a certified GMP OEM since last decade. We have proudly produced over 5000 product brands under GMP compliance and still counting. We sure look forward for you to be taken into our next number count!


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