December 13, 2021

About Propolis: Check for It’s Authenticity & Benefits

Properties of Propolis for Health

Yellow Bumblebee Gathering Pollen Close-up Photography

3 Tips to check on the authenticity of propolis

  1. Product registration number(MAL NO:XXXXXXXX) and MEDITAG hologram sticker on the
    packageEach MAL number corresponds to only one product. Consumers can log in to check on the product details
  2. 3 steps:1: look, 2: smell, 3: taste
    Look: Has a shiny appearance. After being dropped on paper, it has an arc-shaped.
    Smell: It has the unique aromatic odor of propolis, resin frankincense scent when burned, without peculiar smell.
    Taste: slightly bitter, slightly astringent, spicy
  3. Beware of the “low-price propolis”
    Low-priced propolis raw materials may contain harmful impurities.


Crop unrecognizable farmer in protective gloves holding honeycomb with bees and honey while working in apiary

Proven by scientific research 3 significant health effects of high-quality propolis

  1.  Immunity support
    •  Relieve the discomfort caused by respiratory infections, such as cough, rhinitis, bronchitis, etc
    •  Accelerate healing processes and tissue repair
  2.  Antioxidant protection
    •  Improve cellular health
    • Support cellular metabolism
  3.  Health Booster
    •  Known as “natural antibiotics”, antibacterial properties

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